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This page describes how to play GTFO.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

GTFO requires teamwork to solve puzzles but also to find items like keys. For example, the objective might be to reach Zone Z3 but a security door is the only way in. The security door can only be opened with a specific keycard, and the door will indicate the unique identity code of that key card. Players then have to pinpoint the keycard by feeding this identity code into a computer terminal, which will place a waypoint on the keycard itself. This way the keycard can be retrieved and the team can return to the security door and unlock it. One objective is to retrieve a decontamination unit, which suggests a larger story line, perhaps the freaks in the Complex are mutants due to nuclear fallout exposure. Hacking: Some lockers can be hacked to retrieve whatever is inside, like key cards, ammo packs, medpacks, etc. Bioscan: Some doors require a bioscan for entry. All players present in the current play session must stand in the highlighted area. Engaging combat: Monsters will impede player progress to the next objective, but players should only engage them because they stand in the way or pose a threat to your ability to scavenge or complete the objective, not because the act of killing them in itself is rewarding in any way. Therefore, players should kill enemies in the most controlled way they can, such as a crouched, silent approach with a melee heavy attack.

Progression[edit | edit source]

Confirmed not to have a leveling system, progression in GTFO is based on finding better weapons and tools during expeditions and upgrading your gear. The better gear a player acquires and the more a player upgrades, the further down into the Complex you can go.

Positioning[edit | edit source]

  • Choke points: Fight at choke points like doors and hallways. It's all about funneling Hordes into easy lanes and laying waste. Concentrated, focused fire is enough to win.
  • Fight in the light: The Complex has some beautiful lighted areas, presumably from spotlights powered by generators, so we can use the lighted areas to clear a Horde.
  • Cover: One of the enemies fires ranged missiles. Take cover behind a crate, for example, to reduce damage taken. Cover might be useful against the Tentacle grabbers as well.

Tactics[edit | edit source]

  • Syncing headshots: Dispatching enemies with coordinated headshots can be an effective way to clear specials quickly, like a Scout before it calls the Horde.
  • Stealth: Although some of us might prefer to just barge in and slay the horrors guns blazing, it can be a tremendous waste of resources and there is no reward for this approach. Loud noises (like gunfire or explosions) and extended use of the flashlight can also awaken “sleeping” enemies. If we assume ammo and health are limited, then triggering too many hordes will result in running dry and leaving us with only melee and low health. Therefore, quiet creeping is the preferred method of moving through the Complex.
  • Prepare before the Horde: In a dev's own words, "detect the combat situation before it happens, prepare for it, and control the action." Because everyone knows the feeling of pushing too hard or too far and being overwhelmed in a bad spot. Set up your sentry gun with a wide arc, lay down some goop with the glue gun, and place your trip mines in doorways or to cover your backside.

Controls[edit | edit source]

Action Key
Move W,A,S,D
Jump Space
Use E
Reload R
Melee C
Aim Mouse 1
Fire Mouse 0
Run Left shift
Crouch Left control
Select melee weapon Alpha 1
Select standard weapon Alpha 2
Select special weapon Alpha 3
Select tool Alpha 4
Select resource pack Alpha 5
Select consumable Alpha 6
Select hacking tool Alpha 7
Toggle gear T
Toggle flashlight F
Toggle map Tab
Open/send text chat Return
Close text chat Escape
Ping Mouse 2

Tips[edit | edit source]

Do[edit | edit source]

  • Be quiet
  • Control your flashlight
  • Communicate
  • Concentrate focused fire
  • Prepare for the Horde
  • Stay together, always. No panicking and fleeing. Hold your area and control the action.

Don't[edit | edit source]

  • Don't waste time! Remember your mission: you are there to achieve something and gtfo, so make progress quickly. The longer you stay down there fighting, the more likely your team will wipe.
  • Don't run off alone somewhere: You might want to explore or think you can handle yourself, but getting caught in a bad spot needing help or rescue adds an additional strain on your teammates.
  • Don’t waste resources: Ammo and medpacks are very limited. Use wisely!