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This page lists the enemies in GTFO.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The enemies in GTFO are confirmed not to be zombies or aliens, the possible origins could be fungal or parasitic in nature that require a human host, given that the creatures exhibit human features and anatomy such as two arms, legs, and ears. When a creature suffers fatal damage green sacks are expelled as a result and “pop” when exposed to the surrounding environment, which suggests it cannot survive without its host and these potentially could be parasites that contribute to the host’s mutation.

Often referred to as the collective of monsters during an onslaught, the horde in GTFO comprise of various types of monsters exhibiting various and unique variations.

They will have the power to breach doors as well as to get alerted when the players gets detected by a Scout. Ideally, it is best to avoid alerting enemies by silently killing them with a melee weapon to preserve limited ammunition.

They can be easily detected by using the Bio Tracker, or by the clicking sounds and glowing that emits from their body.

Enemy Types[edit | edit source]